• Consejos para la planificación y selección de lámparas Chandelier

    Las lámparas Chandelier adornan sus espacios como joyas para su habitación. Brillan, acentúan y están diseñadas para no pasar desapercibidas De redondas a rectangulares, las hay de muchas formas y tamaños. Pero, ¿cómo sabe cuál es el Chandelier adecuado para su espacio? Tenemos algunos consejos clave que pueden ayudarle.Hay algunos aspectos clave a considerar al …

  • Industrial Style Lighting

    INDUSTRIAL LIVING Loved by urban dwellers, embraced by suburban neighborhoods, and right at home in a country farmhouse, anyone (anywhere) can achieve this warehouse-inspired style. Taking cues from old factories and 20th century buildings, Industrial Style combines utilitarian-inspired design with worn textures and simple nods to nature. WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL? “Industrial has been transforming over …

  • The 3 Layers of Lighting

    Fashion designers use layers to create new looks. Culinary designers craft amazingly delicious things with layers – think cake. Even scent is layered to bring out its nuances. So it is with lighting. Did you know you can use it to add depth and dimension to a room, switch the mood in an instant and showcase your favorite things? And, that’s just the short list.

  • Work from home with the best lighting!

    Working from home is the new normal. This has led us to build and design a new space to work comfortably from our home. Just as we care about decoration, furniture, and organization,  lighting is key to our space. Having the correct lighting will improve your productivity and will put you in a better mood. …

  • If you love to read this is for you

    Whether you are reading a book or a magazine physically, or even reading on an ipad or a kindle device, having the right amount of light is vital for your body. Reading with bad lighting can lead to short term effects such as headaches and eye strain. Even when you have a device that emits …

  • Good lighting

    Creating the right ambience depends on many factors, good Lighting can make any place a comfortable, functional and a fun place to be in. Having functional and efficient lighting can change the mood and create the effects that we want. Mixing art and architecture the visual and psychological journey through the space Having functional and …

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