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Lighting Products

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LUMEN ILUMINACION was born from the need to offer cutting-edge products in the lighting sector. LUMEN works with important European and U.S. companies whose brands enjoy international prestige and fame.

We have a wide range of products from the simplest luminaires required for good lighting design to unique pieces of unparalleled quality and finish.

Lighting Design

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LUMEN provides architectural lighting design services so that its customers can count not only on its products but also on this advice at no additional cost.

A sister company, ESTUDIO27, also provides in-house design and lighting design services for projects that require more extensive consulting.

Custom Made

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LUMEN can customize designs according to the needs and particular taste of each client. These luminaires maintain the quality standards and certifications of the chosen brand. For hotel and other similar projects, the luminaires can be manufactured with additional benefits such as connection system with ipads, iphones and ipods, among others.

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