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LUMEN ILUMINACION LTD. was born from the need to offer cutting-edge products in the lighting sector.

The design of lighting projects gives light an important and vital place in architectural design. Hence the need to provide the best and most innovative luminaire offerings that can make these designs a reality.

The right choice of lighting fixtures, especially decorative ones, is crucial for the creation of aesthetic and functional environments and spaces.

LUMEN works with important European and U.S. companies whose brands enjoy international prestige and fame.

The selection process of the brands we offer has been carried out under rigorous technical and aesthetic criteria. Thanks to this, we have a wide range of products from the simplest luminaires required for good lighting design to unique pieces of unparalleled quality and finish.

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Telephone: +506 2288-5531 / +506 2288-5549

San Rafael de Escazú 150 metros este de Plaza Los Laureles en Oficentro Condal, local 1.
Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm

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